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About Us

Welcome to Oracle Reptiles 


Oracle Reptiles emerged from the fusion of two private facilities, Reptiles Unlimited and Just Ball Pythons. Founded by JP Wittstock of Reptiles Unlimited (established in 1997) and Clint Thomson of Just Ball Pythons, Oracle Reptiles was established in January 2014 with a vision for a unified and dedicated approach to producing captive-bred reptiles of exceptional quality.

In our pursuit of excellence, we expanded our collection by acquiring a substantial portion of the collection from Graeme Ouzman at Ball Pythons Inc. Our collection spans from non-venomous Ball Pythons to highly venomous Tree and Pit Vipers.


Driven by a shared passion for reptiles, Clint and JP took their commitment a step further by co-founding the Association of Reptile Keepers KZN (ARK-KZN) in 2010. Both remain actively engaged in ARK-KZN's primary objective – education.

Our dedication to the welfare and education of reptiles is encapsulated in the ARK-KZN logo below, serving as a gateway to further explore the impactful initiatives and resources offered by the Association.

Explore the world of Oracle Reptiles, where our expertise and passion converge to bring you an unparalleled collection of captive-bred reptiles. Join us in our commitment to education, conservation, and the responsible ownership of these extraordinary creatures.

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