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MR BEAST AND THE OCEAN NEED YOUR HELP!! Covering more than 70 percent of our planet, oceans are among the earth’s most valuable natural resources. They govern the weather, clean the air, help feed the world, and provide a livelihood for millions of people around the world. They also are home to most of the life on earth, from microscopic plankton to the largest animal on the planet, the blue whale. Yet we are bombarding the oceans relentlessly with pollution. Currently ocean pollution affects more than 800 animal species around the world, a figure that has increased by over 20% in the last 5 years alone. Plastic is one of the most common causes of ocean pollution. As a content creator and someone who lives in the coastal city of Durban which is situated on the east coast of South Africa, I together with hundreds of creators (including all your favourites MrBeast, Marques Brownlee, Mark Rober and many many more), have been called on to create awareness of this global catastrophe in partnership with #teamseas in an effort to raise enough money to initially remove 30 million pounds (13.6 million kgs) of plastic pollution from the ocean #TeamSeas have partnered up with Ocean Conservancy to organise massive volunteer beach clean ups and cleaning up pollution in the oceans. They have also partnered with the The Ocean Cleanup to tackle the rivers and to install trash collecting robots in the estuaries and rivers and in doing so stop the plastic from reaching the oceans in the first place. We need your help to reverse some of the damage we have done to our oceans. Please head over to right now and show your support. Every $ raised is 1 pound of trash out of the ocean. You can follow us on any of our social media links below to stay in touch: YouTube: Website: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Mewe: Affiliate links. for all the photographic and filming equipment you'll ever need
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